Thursday, April 16, 2015

Makeup 101: Which Foundation Brush Do I Use???

Hello Beauties!

Once upon a time I was a makeup beginner.  There were so many types of foundation brushes out there, I had no clue where to begin!  Through trial and error, I figured out which brush worked best for the look I was trying to achieve.  It took a while and I really wish I had some guidance.  This blogpost will be going through types of foundation brushes and application.

Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush, Stipple Brush, Sponge
I will go  through the basic foundations brushes that you might encounter when your are at a makeup counter.

Foundation Brush

This is the first type of brush I ever owned.  It's funny this is the first brush I used because I feel it provides the most coverage.  It really reminds me of a painter's brush and you use it the same way.  You brush on the foundation in strokes over the face.  I would recommend starting in the middle of the face and work your way out in downward strokes.  Why downward strokes you may ask?  Its to brush any fuzzy facial hairs down so they go undetected.

Buffing Brush 

Theses brushes are very dense and the brush hairs are tightly packed.  In my opinion, this provides a medium coverage and really works the foundation into the skin.  I recommend dotting the foundation over your face and using the buffing brush in circular motions to work it into the skin.

Stippling Brush

This brush is multi-functional so I will always have a brush like this in my collection.  When it comes to foundation, it really provides a lightweight "your skin but better" look.  I use this brush when I am in a hurry and my skin is behaving itself.  I recommend dotting the foundation over your face.  Then take the brush and work the product in with circular motions.

Note: Once you apply the foundation with any of these brushes, you may see some brush strokes.  Actually you will definitely see some brush strokes!  Just keep working the product into your face and allow the brush to ultimately buff the strokes out.


This is my FAVORITE way to apply foundation.  I will typically use the sponge wet and bounce the product onto my skin.  I usually start off with the foundation dotted all over the my face and pounce it on.  This technique, in my opinion provides the most flawless coverage.  I usually start off with one of the brushes to get the makeup all over my face and finish off with the sponge.  Love this method of application.

I hope you all enjoyed this blogpost.  If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or requests, please leave them down below.  Don't forget to follow my blog to stay up to date!  Follow me on social media...all the links are in the sidebar.  Also feel free to email me at  Stay Beautiful, Stay True!

Geek2Chic - Christine

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